Dean of the Faculty

Research & Funding

The Dean’s office provides faculty with funding for conferences, research travel, bringing guest lecturers to Brown and more.

  • The Dean's office manages several restricted submission awards in conjunction with other Brown offices.
  • While research accounts retain their maximum value when used to support research, they can also be converted into summer salary.

Faculty Development Fund

Funds for research and travel support are available to all voting members of the campus-based faculty. Proposals are typically due by April 15th, and the funds may be used for the following academic year.

Each spring, the Dean's office puts out a call for applications for Lectureship Funds, which can be used to bring speakers to Brown for lectures and events in the following academic year. Proposals are due February 21 and the funds may be used for events in the following academic year. Award notifications will be made by early March and the funds will be made available for use after July 1st.
Giving faculty the chance to step away from their normal duties to focus on research projects, fieldwork, artistic projects, and other professional opportunities.
The Dean's office helps support the ADVANCE program, aimed at increasing retention and advancement of women faculty in sciences and engineering.