Dean of the Faculty

Making Secondary Appointments

To make a secondary appointment, which confers a title and may confer effort as well, the chair of the appointing department should write a memo to the Dean who oversees his or her unit. This memo should include:

  • The duration of the arrangement (this can normally be up to five years, and may be renewed)
  • Whether or not a change in effort is being requested (in the case of regular faculty)
  • An enumeration of the department’s expectations for the faculty member’s role in the new department
  • What, if any, voting rights will accompany the appointment.

In addition, the chair’s memo must be accompanied by a concurring memo from the chair of the faculty member’s home department. Once this material is received by the office of the appropriate Dean, the Dean’s office will make the formal appointment. Normally such appointments will take effect at the start of the following academic year.

The Dean's office oversees all departments and programs in the divisions of the physical and life sciences, the humanities and the social sciences.