Dean of the Faculty

Teaching Support

The University provides several resources for faculty who want to hone their teaching skills and work more effectively with students.

Teaching Excellence

The Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning offers programs on teaching, consulting services to improve your teaching, fellowships for teaching excellence, and resources to support your work in the classroom.
The Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards recognize Brown faculty members for sustained and continued excellence in teaching.

Resources for Helping Students

The website of the Dean of the College has a number of resources for helping students with academic, personal, and institutional difficulties.  For help with students' psychological or academic issues, Campus Life maintains a helpful list of contacts.

Teaching Relief

Faculty may receive teaching relief when they assume significant administrative duties, when they buy out one or more courses with outside funds, or when they are the primary caregiver of a child, in accordance with the policy on parental teaching relief.

Brown's policy on administrative teaching relief in general:

  • Faculty must teach at least one course per semester that they are in residence, so course releases are not available to faculty who normally teach fewer than three courses per year.
  • The number of available administrative course releases is determined by the size of the department.
  • All teaching relief is contingent upon the approval of the department chair and the relevant Dean.

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