Dean of the Faculty

Tenure & Promotion

We provide resources and support for annual reviews, reappointments, tenure, and promotion cases, as well as guidance for dossier preparation.

The Tenure, Promotions, and Appointments Committee (TPAC), a faculty committee, meets weekly during the fall and spring semesters to review dossiers, and the committee's recommendations are then sent to the Provost and President.

The staff in the Dean’s office work closely with department chairs, managers, and candidates to guide and advise them on the preparation of dossiers. Contact for more information.


Guidance on the preparation of dossiers

TPAC Deadlines

September 15
Reappointments of assistant professors with academic year contracts (July 1 start date) and reappointments of lecturers
January 7
Tenure dossiers (promotions from assistant to associate professor, with tenure)
March 1
Reappointments of assistant professors with calendar year contracts (January 1 start date), reappointments of senior lecturers and contingent and concurrent lecturers
April 1
External appointments with tenure. NOTE: these cases may be submitted for review throughout the academic year, with April 1 being the latest date they may be received

All other faculty actions (promotion to full professor, promotion to senior lecturer or distinguished senior lecturer, and non-regular faculty actions* that are reviewed by TPAC) are normally accepted throughout the year, keeping in mind that any dossiers submitted for review after February 15 cannot be guaranteed a spot on TPAC's spring docket.

*non-regular appointments reviewed by TPAC are Professors of the Practice and (Research) Professors, at all ranks. Please see the Handbook for Academic Administration, Chapter 4, sections 6.5 and 6.10 for more information.


Each year, the Office of the Dean of the Faculty oversees annual reviews, reappointments, tenure, and promotion cases. To simplify these processes, the office has assembled timelines that guide faculty members, departments and administrative leaders through each step.

Presentations, Guidelines and Instructions

Forms and Templates

Additional Information

Overview of the Reappointment, Tenure, and Appointment Process for Internal Candidates