Dean of the Faculty

In order to reduce the administrative burden on the DGS, we ask that departments continually seek opportunities to disaggregate the responsibilities of administering the graduate program and advising students. We encourage departments to take steps to circumscribe more clearly the scope of this position according to the links below.

By sharing more broadly the responsibilities for administering the graduate programs and for advising and evaluating the Ph.D. students, on the one hand, and by providing research support for the directors of graduate studies, on the other, the departments and the administration can develop a more equitable distribution of the additional time for service and research that was created by the reduced teaching load that was introduced in humanities and social science departments.


Guidelines for DGS roles at Brown

A position description developed by the Graduate School in collaboration with the Office of the Dean of the Faculty
Beginning in 2023, the University will compensate DGS's of Ph.D. programs in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Physical and Life Sciences.