Dean of the Faculty

Emeritus Information

Faculty who retire may be designated professors emeritus or emerita, with opportunities to apply for research funding and join University-sponsored health plans.

Appointment as Professor Emeritus/Emerita

Tenured faculty and other faculty holding the rank of Professor are recommended to the Corporation for appointment as Professor Emeritus or Professor Emerita following retirement. They remain members of the faculty of Brown University with all the privileges of that rank except:

  • they are no longer tenured, if they previously were
  • they do not receive pay from the University unless they also hold an adjunct, research, or visiting appointment
  • they are not voting members of the faculty.*

Please see Chapter 14 of the Handbook of Academic Administration for details, including guidelines for participation in departmental affairs following retirement.

The appointment as Professor Emeritus/a is considered an “active” appointment and as such the retired faculty member:

  • holds a Brown ID card 
  • has a Brown e-mail account 
  • retains Library privileges, including building access, borrowing, and access to electronic resources from any location 
  • may contact the CIS Help Desk for assistance with computing needs, 
  • may download software subject to the terms of Brown licensing agreements

*With the exception that emeritus professors who also hold a Faculty or University Committee assignment to which they have been elected by the Faculty and/or a teaching assignment shall have voting rights.

Vacating Offices

Expenses that faculty incur in vacating their offices may be reimbursed for up to a total of $1,000. The University has a contract with Conlon Moving & Storage; Brown employees may be eligible for discounted rates. Information is available from Margot Saurette (; 863- 2216).

Support for Research

Emeritus Faculty who held a tenured or lecturer-track position may apply for up to $3,000 in research funds for use during the first three years following their retirement. These funds may be used for travel to professional conferences, hiring student research assistants, publication costs, computing, or other permissible research-related expenses. The funds may not be taken as salary. To be eligible for these funds, the faculty member must have retired no longer than three years ago, must not be employed at Brown or elsewhere, and must have no other sources of research funds

Applications are due May 1 of each year, and awarded funds will be available for one year, beginning on July 1. Faculty may apply in more than one year, but in total, no more than $3,000 will be awarded.

Proposals should include:

  • The applicant's name, department, and date of retirement.
  • A one-page description of the intended use of the funds for scholarly activities.
  • A summary budget.
  • An affirmation that the applicant is not employed at Brown or elsewhere and has no other sources of research funds.
  • The endorsement of the applicant's department chair is encouraged, but not required.

Please submit proposals by May 1 to with the subject heading "Emeritus Research Fund."

All employees seeking reimbursement of business related expenses need to be familiar with Brown’s reimbursement policies, maintain required receipts, and provide a complete business purpose for the purchase/reimbursement. Employees must submit expenses for reimbursement within 60 days of the expense.

Eligible retirees may elect to join group health and/or dental insurance plans sponsored by the University.
Appointment as Professor Emeritus/Emerita entitles the retired faculty member to free membership to the Faculty Club. The Club also has a small lounge available for their use.
Retired faculty who are assigned a parking space in a University lot may keep it on a space-available basis. Please note that if there is no paycheck issued by Brown, payment arrangements must be made directly with the Parking Office. Free parking is available for retired faculty in Lots 9 (Meeting Street) and 42 (Brook Street).