Dean of the Faculty

Dean of the Faculty

The Dean of the Faculty's office is committed to attracting and retaining a diverse, vibrant and distinguished community of faculty at Brown.

Supporting Excellence, Enabling Impact

The Office of the Dean of the Faculty gives scholars at Brown the resources and support they need to engage in transformative scholarship and education, connect across academic disciplines and shape the next generation of thinkers and leaders.

About the Office of the Dean of the Faculty

The Dean's office is responsible for the recruitment, retention and development of faculty in the divisions of the physical and life sciences, the humanities and the social sciences, working also with deans of other academic divisions and programs across Brown. The Dean of the Faculty is responsible for managing academic policies and procedures and for setting standards of conduct.

Learn about the Dean's Office

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We provide resources and support for annual reviews, reappointments, tenure, and promotion cases, as well as guidance for dossier preparation.
Giving faculty the chance to step away from their normal duties to focus on research projects, fieldwork, artistic projects, and other professional opportunities.
Scholars who join Brown's faculty become part of an academic community that celebrates deep intellectual curiosity, creativity and individuality.
The Handbook describes the practical application of rules and policies governing the faculty, including policies related to hiring, appointments, review, and tenure.
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