Dean of the Faculty

Support for Families

Brown provides support for faculty and their families, offering child care subsidies, parental leave options, and resources for partners and spouses.

Child and Dependent Care

Brown University's child care subsidy helps employees explore options and find creative solutions to some of the child care challenges they may face.
Dependent Care Travel Funds support faculty whose academic responsibilities such as conference attendance or travel for research require them to seek additional care or other accommodation for their children or other dependents (elderly relatives).

Parenting, Teaching, and Tenure

Tenure Probation Extension

Untenured faculty members are entitled to a one-year extension of their contract upon the birth or adoption of a child.

Parental Teaching Relief 

Brown University provides one semester of classroom teaching relief for faculty members who are primary caregivers for newborn children or newly adopted children. This is not considered to be a leave, and the faculty member’s responsibilities to conduct research, advise students and participate in University and departmental affairs remain unchanged. Faculty members wishing to receive teaching relief should contact their department chair and the Dean of the Faculty's office, preferably six months in advance of the requested relief, and also complete the Parental Teaching Relief online form. For more on this policy, go to The Handbook of Academic Administration (Section 7.8.3).

Resources for Partners and Spouses

Women and Men of Brown is an organization open to all women and men connected to the Brown community, including spouses and partners.