Dean of the Faculty

Regular Faculty Preselect

Most regular faculty appointments require a full search process. In rare cases, a department will have the opportunity to hire a candidate of demonstrably unique qualifications that justify a preselect hire.

Preselect hires can take several forms:

  • Some departments seek to hire a senior colleague by inviting several prospective candidates to campus for lectures; the preselect process can be used for scholars of such clear preeminence that a search is not justified.
  • Targets of Opportunity who come to light during a regular search process but who do not fit the search criteria.

To make a preselect hire, the chair or director of an academic unit should start by contacting the Dean via email. The Dean will expect a justification for making a hire outside of the normal search process. This is also the time to identify whether the proposed preselect is a Target of Opportunity or prepones a future retirement.

All preselect hires must be reviewed by the Vice President for Institutional Equity and Diversity and, if they are of tenured rank, TPAC. In addition, the President will review all regular faculty preselects. For more information see theĀ Handbook chapter five.

Preselect faculty candidates at the Associate or Full Professor rank must also sign a background check consent form in accordance with Brown's background check policy. Please ask the finalist to fill out this form and then return the signed form to your cognizant dean.