Dean of the Faculty

Using Interfolio

Brown uses Interfolio ByCommittee for most faculty searches.

The Interfolio online applicant tracking and recruitment system allows you to collect, view, and discuss application materials securely from anywhere that you can reach the internet. The first time your unit runs a search through Interfolio, a member of your administrative staff should meet with a representative of the Dean of the Faculty's office to walk through the application. Administrative staff will then be relied upon to train faculty members in the basic functionality of Interfolio.

Getting Started

After you have received training in Interfolio you can start setting up your search. To get started all that you'll need is an Interfolio account, which the DOF can set up for you.

For regular faculty searches, follow the instructions. For non-regular faculty searches start by setting up your search and emailing the URL to Consult the Interfolio help page if you have any problems.

Some Brown-specific Requests

  • We recommend leaving the "Closing Date" field blank. If you do need to include a closing date, make sure that it is at least a month after the published due date for applications.
  • Plan to post a due date for applications at least two days before the committee wants to discuss applications. Interfolio takes one business day to process applications, so expect applications to trickle in for a day or two after your closing date.

Using the System for Candidate Review

Faculty can review applications by clicking the check boxes next to the candidate's name and then clicking the "read" button. They will be taken to a PDF viewer that will allow them to read all of each applicant's materials sequentially and to comment on or rate each candidate.

Once the committee has decided on a first cut, it is important that you mark every candidate with a status - either long list or not long list. With each successive stage in the search, reduce the pool by moving some applicants from the long list to the "(near) shortlist," and from there to the "final round interview" stage.

If you do not use the applicant statuses correctly you will not be able to generate a pool report or make a hire.


The first stop for questions about Interfolio is the Interfolio help page. If you are still having trouble setting up your search or viewing applications, please contact the office of the Dean of the Faculty.

Things to be Careful of

  • Remember that comments made on a computerized system are on the record forever; while the administration will not read your comments, they are nonetheless a permanent record of search practices.
  • It is worth reminding search committee members that they can view application materials online by selecting any relevant applicants and clicking the "read" button. This will reduce the number of sensitive documents downloaded to faculty computers.
  • You are requested to regularly update applicants' statuses. These can be set so that applicants are not aware of status changes, but a log of status changes is an important part of Brown's federal diversity reporting requirements.