Dean of the Faculty

Sabbatical & Leave

Giving faculty the chance to step away from their normal duties to focus on research projects, fieldwork, artistic projects, and other professional opportunities.

At Brown, we believe that sabbaticals open the door to crucial professional growth. While on sabbatical, Brown’s faculty apply their creativity and intellectual curiosity in exciting ways, ultimately contributing crucial new insights to academic literature and driving stimulating discussion in the classroom.

Sabbaticals are available to all tenured faculty, junior sabbaticals are available to all tenure-track assistant professors, and scholarly leaves are available to full-time regular lecturers who do not hold staff appointments. Visiting, adjunct, research, clinical and other non-regular faculty are not eligible for sabbaticals. More details on the leave policy can be found in the Guidelines for Leave Eligibility section of this website, and the policies governing leaves can be found in the Handbook of Academic Administration, chapter thirteen.

Applications for Leave

Faculty members should make applications for leaves of any type (including unpaid leaves of absence) should be made through the chair of the faculty member’s unit in the January preceding the academic year in which the leave is to be taken. All leaves are subject to the approval of the Dean.

Course Buyouts

Course buyouts are governed by a separate policy, covered in chapter seven of the Handbook. To request a course buyout, use the course buyout form (PDF). Note that funds used to buy out courses do not accrue as GIF balances.

Medical Leave

Brown understands the uniqueness of every faculty member’s circumstances. Medical leave options are available for those who need to take time away from Brown to focus fully on their health and well-being.

For information concerning medical leaves, contact Deputy Provost Elizabeth Doherty. Parental teaching relief is not considered a leave of absence, as the faculty member is expected to continue with research, student advising and participation in University and departmental affairs. To apply for teaching relief, complete the Parental Teaching Relief form.

Sabbatical Eligibility and Request Form

  Salary (semester/year) Eligibility
Junior Sabbatical 100%/ 50% Untenured Assistant and Associate Professors
Post-Tenure Sabbatical 100%/ 75% Tenured faculty in second year after tenure
Sabbatical  100%/ n.a. Tenured faculty with 6 semesters of credit accrued 
Sabbatical (12 semesters) n.a./ 100% Tenured Faculty with 12 semesters of credit accrued 
Scholarly Leave 100%/ 50% Lecturers and senior lecturers with 12 semesters of credit accrued

Download the Sabbatical Request Form (PDF)

Sabbatical Research Newsletter

University faculty on sabbatical are always finding creative ways to solve societal problems, collaborate across disciplines and make a positive impact. An annual Dean of the Faculty newsletter highlights research conducted by faculty during sabbatical leaves.

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