Dean of the Faculty


You can now apply for funding and request reimbursement from the Faculty Travel Fund through Workday.

To start, review the eligibility rules for the fund. Next, login to Workday and create a "spend authorization." This will function as your application.

Detailed instructions

A Few Things to Note:

  • Your description can be a few words and your justification can be fairly brief - e.g. "conference travel" then "I'm giving a paper at the International Psychoceramics Conference in Dubai."
  • Fill out one spend authorization line for each major expense, e.g. airfare or hotel. For multiple small costs use "miscellaneous." 
  • If you have a rough idea of a cost, it's okay if the number isn't exact. You can shuffle a modest amount of money between legitimate research and travel expenses within a single authorization.
  • When your request is approved, you will receive a notification in Workday.

Getting Reimbursed

To be reimbursed you will need to fill out an expense report in Workday. Be sure to choose the "start from Spend Authorization" option when you create the expense report (after entering the faculty member's name). Detailed instructions are available in the same document that describes the travel fund request. Your departmental staff will have experience filling out expense reports, and should be available to help you with this step.